Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My favorite songs from Canada..

3.5 weeks left before I go to Canada, and of course I`m already trying to prepare for any cultural shock by listening to their music. Those Canadians are quite good at song-writing, so hear a top 5 of my favorite Canadian songs:

5) Death from Above 1979 - Romantic Rights

Yea, they already broke up and made only one album which isn`t even that good, but this song! It's catchy and heavy at the same time. It's a song you can dance and mosh to (if you like moshing). It also indicates that the bass is a highly underestimated instrument, which in the right hands can carry a song to great heights!

4) Broken Social Scene - Almost Crimes

Listening to this song is like running way too fast through a crowded street, running into people while screaming your lungs out. Its chaotic, almost buckeling under its own weight, but somehow stays on track. I like a bit of chaos in my music..

3) Joni Mitchell - Fury sings the blues

Joni immediately brings you to the little park, where old Fury sings his blues. It's a very nostalgic song, maybe even a bit tragic. Everything that reminds us of the past will eventually be broken down, leaving nothing but memories, from an old man on the corner.
Singing his blues, lonely and bitter, but incredibly strong.

2) Neil Young - Like a Hurricane

Neil Young perfectly knows how to capture the image of a girl that's just out of your reach.

Before that moment you touch my lips
That perfect feeling when time just sleeps away between us
On our foggy trip

You are like a Hurricane
There's calm in your eyes
and I`m getting blown away..

Somewhere safer where the feeling stays,
I wanna love you but I`m getting blown away...

1) The Band - Chest Fever

One of the best and most powerful songs ever made, just listen that that organ intro! Nothing can compare with it! And then that pounding bass, it's incredible funky! I think this would range somewhere in between RnB en Rock `n Roll? It defies genres and still sounds fresh to me. A lot of modern bands could only dreaming of writing such a gem of a song.

And finally..this one..I could make it number 6 but then it wouldn`t be a top 5 anymore, right? Here's the vid: