Wednesday, September 19, 2007


It has been one month since my last message.
What happenned with me in this month?
Not much really.

After Lowlands I started writing cover-letters for job applications.
I`ve sent five now. I know, I`m only not really productive, but also a bit selective.
A large number of recruiting-companies and some real companies already approached me with the offer of a financial services job. Although my minor was in finance, I especially focused on the strange animal called stock market with those courses. Talking about investor sentiment and the efficiency of the market. That interests me, but is not my main interest. Most of my courses were related to strategic management. Determining the strategy of a company. Analysing how it can improve its processes to perform better. I know I`m young, inexperienced. Still, I would like to have a job where I start analysing the current status of an organisation.
Up till now I`ve found 5 jobs which fit that description, and for which I stand a chance. Hopefully they`ll find me interesting too.

In the meantime I`m getting a bit bored with just sitting at home. I went to Rotterdam one weekend for a reunion. I went to the cinema and had a drink with a friend in the other weekends. Played a bit on my guitar. I`m watching Deep Space 9 from the start. I`m at season 3 now.

A big change compared to my situation, say, 6 months ago.
And I`m not really enjoying it, hope I can make it change soon.